[banner type=”rotate-zoom” width=”0″ height=”100″ target=”0″ title=”title” subtitle=”subtitle” icon=”None” style=”grey” title_size=”14″ title_size_hover=”11″ subtitle_size=”11″ subtitle_size_hover=”14″ icon_size=”35″ icon_size_hover=”50″]
[box_title font_size=”15″ font_alignment=”center” border=”middle” border_color=”#cdcdcd”]SHORTCODE ATTRIBUTES[/box_title]
  • Type: type of banner
  • Width: width of box banner(in px)
  • Height: height of banner(in px)
  • Link url: url headed by link specified
  • Open new window: Open or not link in a new window
  • Title: Title banner
  • Subtitle: Subtitle banner
  • Open new window: Open or not link in a new window
  • Icon: Choose icon to insert into banner
  • Predefinied style: Style of banner
  • Title size(in px)/span>
  • Title hover size(in px)
  • Subtitle size(in px)
  • Subtitle hover size(in px)
  • Icon size(in px)
  • Icon hover size(in px)
  • Background color: background banner
  • Background image Url: url of image choosen as background image
  • Border color
  • Icon color
  • Title color
  • Subtitle color
  • Background hover color
  • Border hover color
  • Icon hover color
  • Title hover color
  • Subtitle hover color
  • Animation: select animation for banner when appear into page
  • Animation delay:

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